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Malho Pilão CNC 40KJ

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Industrial Machinery and Tools

Machines and Tools Design and Manufacture | Repair and Sale of Used Machinery | Specialized Technical Services | Industrial Maintenance

We conceive, design, manufacture and install industrial machinery and tools. We're specialized in the repair, reconstruction and sale of used machines for metalworking industries. We develop automation projects and provide technical assistance and industrial maintenance services.

All solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers, complying with the legal and safety standards applicable to their operability and maintenance.

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We manufacture tools and other components, according to the samples or technical drawings provided by our customers or through solutions designed to meet their needs. We manufacture parts in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, among others materials, usually from round, hexagonal and square drawn bars.

Eletroerosão por fio

Wire EDM

With Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) a permanently live wire leads an electric current whose erosive power allows it to cut through the metal piece into the desired shape. Due to the absence of direct contact between the machining tool and the machined component, wire EDM allows to cut some complicated metals and allows machining those parts whose shape or size do not allow them to be turned without damages or their complete destruction.

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Turning and Milling

We manufacture the most diverse range of components for the metalworking industry. We have extensive experience in turning, milling and grinding tools and other mechanical components.

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Automation and Industrial Maintenance

We develop automation projects and provide technical assistance and industrial maintenance services.


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